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People associate music sometimes with very different moods and emotions and prefer hence in different situations another background music. What is for someone the perfect music choice for relaxion after a stressful working day can for someone else in the extreme case evoke stress. Often someone associates with a single music calmness, sometimes one associates with a special artist or a whole style of music a specific personal experiences or special moments. For instance, a certain piece of music might remind you of a special experience of your youth und the connected associations, while another piece could remind you of a holiday passed in a certain country or town allthough the music have no direct reference to it. Such personal associations are an important aspect of handling music. In existing systems which should ease the access to digital music these personal aspects are insufficiently taken into account. Information about the user are often only rudimentary gathered and modeled. A main goal of our research is to contribute to a better integration and modelling of user specific information.


Selected Publications

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