Interactive Information Organization Seminar and Project

Deutsch: Auf dieser Seite finden Sie Informationen zum wissenschaftlichen Seminar und Projekt "Interactive Information Organization", welches im Wintersemeser 2019/2020 stattfindet. Das Seminar und Projekt wird von den Dozenten und Master Studenten bei Bedarf auch auf Englisch gehalten. Den Bachelor Studenten ist es aber möglich, ihre Diskussionen, Präsentationen und Ausarbeitungen in deutscher Sprache zu halten bzw. abzugeben. Der Einfachheit halber sind alle folgenden Informationen in Englisch angegeben.

English: On this page you can find information about the scientific seminar and project/practical course "Interactive Information Organization", which takes place during the winter term 2019/2020. On demand the seminar and project will be in English. The Bachelor students can discuss, present and write their work in German. For simplicity the following information is provided in English.

During the course this page will be updated continuously.

Content and Topics

This course deals with selected topics and subdomains of the research area "Data and Knowledge Engineering". With an emphasis on "Intelligent Interactive Information Systems" students acquire insight in methods of user behavior analysis and modeling, knowledge discovery and visualization, data mining, adaptive retrieval systems etc. Below the topics for the winter term 2019/2020 are listed:

Feature Selection
Feature Reduction
Model Selection
Outlier Detection
Ensemble Learning
Text Classification
Text Clustering
Text Visualization
Part-Of-Speech Tagging
Sentiment Analysis

At the beginning of the course we will present the suggested topics but own ideas or suggestions are also welcome.

Course and Relation between Seminar and Project

The seminar is offered for Bachelor students to achieve an insight into selected topics and subdomains of the research area "Interactive Information Organization" with an emphasis on "Information Retrieval" and "Machine Learning". The assignment is to become acquainted with a chosen subdomain, hold a presentation and write a paper about this topic. In the end the Bachelor students receive 2SWS/3ECTS. Masters additionally have to do a small project worth 3ECTS. The seminar is offered for Master students as "Advanced Interactive Information Organization", which includes the project, therefore resulting in 4SWS/6ECTS.

Interested Persons

Please register yourself via LSF. The seminar and project is limited to 10 participants (usually 5 Bachelor and 5 Master students). We apply the scheme: "First Come, First Serve" (FCFS). Please apply for the Advaned Interactive Information Organization course (link) as a master's student and for the Interactive Information Organization course (link) as a bachelor's student. The times and rooms given below apply for both course equivalently.

Registration will be open starting from the 16th of September 2019.

Dates and Rooms

22.10.2019: Meeting to introduce the course & topics (9:15 - 10:45, Building 14, Room 125)
29.10.2019: Meeting to introduce scientific working & select topics (9:15 - 10:45, Building 14, Room 125)
Deadline for unsubscribing from the course
Work @ Home (read paper, write own paper, implement project & experiments)
19.11.2019: E-Mail submission of concept presentations (for feedback)
Meeting for concept presentations (9:15 - 10:45, Building 29, Room 128)
Work @ Home (read paper, write own paper, implement project & experiments)
E-Mail submission of pre-paper drafts (for feedback)
Work @ Home (read paper, write own paper, implement project & experiments)
[Christmas break]
Work @ Home (finalize draft)
E-Mail submission of paper drafts (exactly 6 pages for Bachelor / exactly 8 pages for Master with template (plus references), for feedback)
Work @ Home (finalize draft)
28.01.2020: E-Mail submission of final paper drafts (exactly 6 pages for Bachelor / exactly 8 pages for Master with template (plus references))

Final presentation: tba

Information about the course can be found in the LSF portal.

A general reminder about exams: In accordance with the examination rules, we offer each student exactly one examination date (oral or written) each term. The registration for a follow-up examination is only possible in the next term (i.e. after 6 months). As soon as a student has registered for an exam, either by using the LSF for written exams or by filling in the information on an examination list for oral exams (or filling out a registration form), this is counted as the agreed examination date. If it is cancelled, the rule above applies.

The day of the final presentation counts as the examination date!

Teaching Staff

If you have any questions about the course, please contact us via E-Mail:


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